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About Hospice Volunteers

The volunteers at Hospice of Kodiak do not consider helping others or giving of themselves to be anything extraordinary, but rather a way of life.  Many of them have personal experience with illness, death and grief, and they know how difficult it can be. They also know how much lighter the load can feel if others come alongside, helping to make the journey more manageable.

Each volunteer brings a unique combination of interests, skills and experience to our organization.  Some work directly with clients and families, others provide support services, work on special projects such as event planning or provide community education.  Whatever your gifts are; we will find a way for you to help.

A hospice volunteer is expected to be available 2-4 hours per week for at least one year.

All Hospice of Kodiak volunteers will undergo a background check and attend an annual safety in-service training. Volunteers who have direct client contact are also required to have an annual TB test, have a valid driver's license, and provide proof of current automobile insurance.

Qualities of an effective Hospice Volunteer

Good communication skills
A non-judgmental attitude

Along with illness and end-of-life issues come emotions, choices and unexpected events. Volunteers must be supportive of feelings and choices regardless of whether or not they agree or identify with them.

2015 Annual Volunteer Training

Volunteers Opportunities

Patient & Family Services
  • Care Partners - Volunteers who enjoy visiting, playing cards, or reading to clients
    Translators -ingual volunteers who can translate written or oral information
    Emotional/Spiritual Support - Art/music therapists, mental health clinicians, clergy, massage therapists
    Respite Volunteers – Volunteers willing to give caregivers a much-needed break for 2-4 hours a week
    Bedside Volunteers – Volunteers willing to take shifts sitting with clients when death is near and there is no family available
    Errands & Rides - Volunteers willing to run errands or give rides
    Chores & Projects - Volunteers willing to do 1-2 hours of chores a week or participate in a special project (e.g. building ramps)
    Family Assistance - duals who are willing to assist a client/family in their home (recording life history, making digital stories, taking photographs, cutting hair, giving massages, playing music, helping with taxes, etc.)
    Bereavement – Volunteers willing to encourage bereaved family members as they make adjustments
    Navigators – Volunteers willing to accompany clients off island for treatment and/or share practical information related to traveling off island for treatment

Special Skills
  • Office skills – Volunteers willing to help with office tasks or special projects.
  • Graphic Design – Volunteers willing to design brochures, flyers, etc.
  • Website Design – Volunteers willing to help maintain the hospice website.
  • Artists – Volunteers willing to draw or paint greeting cards for clients in the hospital or correspondence with the bereaved.
  • Bakers – Volunteers willing to bake bread or cookies for clients and families or for bereaved individuals
  • Flower Arranger – Volunteers willing toarrange flowers for client and families, bereaved individuals, or for special events
  • Crafters - Volunteers who sew gowns, lap quilts, or cuddly items
  • Cooks – Volunteers willing to cook for trainings or special events
  • ⦁ Beauticians/Barbers – volunteers willing to help clients look and feel their best
  • Other - What skill do you have that you’d be willing to share?
Fundraising Volunteer
  • Grant Writers – Volunteers willing to write grants to support our program
  • Special Event Coordinator – Volunteer willing to coordinate/organize for a fund-raising event(s)
  • Special Events Helper – Volunteers willing to help prepare for fundraising events

How to become a Volunteer
We ask that people who are interested in volunteering wait at least one year after the death of a loved one before volunteering at Hospice of Kodiak.

First Step: Make Contact
The first step is to call or email the Volunteer Coordinator. They will arrange an interview with you to discuss how your interests and abilities can complement our volunteer efforts.

Second Step: Get Trained
Once you've identified what kind of volunteering you'd like to do, you will receive the appropriate training suited for your job. Volunteers who wish to work directly with clients will be expected to commit to at least 14 hours of initial training.

Third Step: Keep Current
A quarterly meeting for volunteers will be provided to learn new information and share experiences.

Current Volunteers

Eldon Simonsen
Volunteer Chaplain

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
December 2014

Hospice of Kodiak
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ph: (907) 512-0600
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